THE FORGOTTEN PARTNER:  A Movement Workshop for Actors

THE FORGOTTEN PARTNER: A Movement Workshop for Actors


Brain? Check. Voice? Check. What about the forgotten partner? Actors train three things: Minds, voices, and bodies. Our jobs as actors are to be more emotional, more aware, and more athletic than your average person. Yet more and more, actors are failing to train the body as a whole.The result is a “head-up” actor with a body that betrays their voices, thoughts, and actions. Add embodiment to your acting techniques with conservatory-style training for the Actor Body. Get or stay on par with the great actors of the world and train your whole instrument! You will engage in ensemble and solo exercises and games so that you can: * increase awareness of surroundings and others in it * fully engage your body as a vessel for expression * develop more spontaneity and authenticity in your movements and thoughts find ease, comfort, and confidence inside your own skin Send and receive intent with whole-body clarity apply what you learn to creating interesting characters on stage or tv/film This class will be in-person. Responsible social distancing will be employed. Please bring what you need to stay comfortable in this social setting. HOW MUCH: $150 (20% off if you pay before April 1!) WHO: ALL people. ALL abilities. Ages 18+


Theatre Raleigh Studios, Raleigh, NC